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Started From The Bottom Ep. 4 | Social Media Growth

At SNKRFOCUS I always to try improve, innovate and turn things up side down so you are always entertained and stay excited for what the sneaker world holds for you.

In a world where everything is the same, to stand out is one of the most risky and fun things to do, if you enjoy it. So many people choose to blend in and stay in the shadows of society until they become a shadow themselves.

Us Sneakerheads choose to step out of that box, we dress how we feel and express ourselves through the clothes, shoes and accessories we wear which most of the times isn’t what society expects us to wear.

If you want to join this world you are more than welcome to and for people that already made that decision, this series called ‘Started From The Bottom’ was created. I talk to people that bring you the most value they can in form of experiences they’ve made through wins, losses and hours spent doing their craft.

Whether you want an opinion on something, get in-depth information or simply want to be entertained ‘SFTB’ is the series for you. I tr to fill the articles with loads of useful information that I wish I had in the beginning when I started serve it to you in the most user-friendly way.

Sometimes I will oversee something when proofreading so please don’t judge me right away when you find a little mistake, being a one-man-army isn’t as easy as you may think.

The first episode was kind of an appetizer for what this series will dig into and it scraps the surface of Photography and Editing, while the second episode was really in-depth about Photography. It answers questions like “Which camera should I buy?”, “Which Lens should I use for what?” and “What is the most important thing when I want to pursue a career in Photography?”.

Fans of sneaker customization got off reading the third episode that focuses on how to get started with customization and where to get what you need for it.

Episode number four was held in video form and I’ve talked to a guy who grew his account from 2000 followers to 20 times the size of that in under a year using funny videos of himself.

It was a lot of fun talking to a young gun with so much energy and a bravado that you don’t see that often.

Please enjoy Episode 4 of ‘Started From The Bottom’:

I’ve asked Sebastian to try and give you his best pieces of advice to grow on social media, feedback is as always much appreciated and also don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to see more stuff!

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