Title Picture inspired by the Migos Culture Album, with a guy wearing an anti social social club hoodie where the NTI is sprayed over with grafitti spray paint, an off-white zip tie, the paris pantheon with a supreme sign on it, flames, a Nike Air Max 1, a Hypebeast Ultra Boost and the typical pink roses that are trending in fashion right now on it

Focus 5 | Top Shots Of The Week

It’s week 9 and again you guys have used our hashtag extensively and tagged us in a lot of posts.

So without further ado here’s the Top 5 of this Week!

1. Jordan 3 Black Cements

2. Jordan 1 Mid

3. Cuerpo Terra NMD Hu

4. NMD City Sock Triple White

CS1 Vibe 📸 @shots.only

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5. Air Force 1 Low All White


Thank you for your commitment and keep tagging us, new stuff coming soon!

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