Title picture of the Sneaker Science Episodes with a part of the sneaker focus logo on the top left corner and parts of an sole with Air technology on the right

Sneaker Science | Air

For those of you who are interested in more than the “Hype” we’ve created a series called Sneaker Science where we take a look under the surface and give you insights into new and old technologies used in sneakers and shoes.

From how the idea was born to the process of creation over to the final product and how it’s implemented this series covers everything regarding sneaker technology! Read More

What Nike Did Right In The Last Few Years

Nike has been dominating the Sneaker Market for more then 20 years now and is loved by everyone for their innovative ideas and creative ads. They introduced a technology in 1996 that changed the sneaker industry and which is used until this day.

Since the release of the Air Max 1 almost every sneaker by Nike was equipped with an air bubble in the midsole and collabs didn‘t come short for the US based sportswear company. From celebrities like Read More