Standard Title Picture for the series with Kenneth holding up his up his custom Air Jordan 1, this time EP.3 is in the left corner of the triangle instead of the right one and the background consists of dark black, white and blue camouflage, text in white and a little bit noise added to it

Started From The Bottom Ep. 3 | Sneaker Customization

Sneaker Business is booming. So is the hype around sneakers. Sneakers and Hypebeasts go hand in hand nowadays and with the sneaker hype taking off for exponential growth, the popularity of custom shoes is bigger than ever.

If you checked out my blog about the Top 5 Yeezy Customs of 2K17, let me tell you that that makes me really happy.

The cool thing about sneaker customization is that almost Read More

Title picture of Episode 2 of SNKRHEAD Essentials with a grey backdrop, a supreme camo jacket and Tshirt with Kate Moss on it and the plain black Supreme Tee with the black box logo


It’s the thing we’re all dreaming of. Nowadays most of us take big fat L’s from every direction when it comes to “Grail Shopping”.

We badly want that Supreme Box Logo shirt but the dude offering is out his mind trying to fence us for ten times the value of retail.

This is the second episode of SNKRHEAD ESSENTIALS and today we’ve invited a Hypebeast, Grail Hunter Read More

Title Picture for Episode 2 of SFTB featuring a pure white background the cut off triangle with the arrow pointing up inside of it with "Started From The Bottom" written underneath it. 215Shooter is sitting on an abstract-style bench wearing Ultra Boost Multicolors and a red cap with black pants, he's looking down.

Started From The Bottom Ep.2 | In-depth Photography

Since Episode 1 resonated really good with you, I couldn‘t wait to publish the next Episode of „Started From The Bottom“. In the first EP we focused on editing your sneaker pictures and also touched ground on photography and gear.

This round will be fully dedicated and really go in-depth on Photography. We’ve invited @215shooter ,a pro when it comes to Read More

Black Title Picture with a little bit of grain reading Started From The Bottom in the center from the middle up with a triangle on top of it, there's also an arrow pointing up in the triangle to give the reader a feel to read from down to top! Episode 1 of a series that'll feature a lot of useful stuff! Shoebertts silhouette is also on the picture!

Started From The Bottom Ep. 1 | Photography and Editing

“Started From The Bottom” – as the name states this is all you need to get started in the sneakergame. Episode 1 features Sneaker Icon Stefan Schubert and how you can edit your pics to make them pop. Video at the end of the article, enjoy!

Hello Sir, thanks so much for taking the time to do this, please tell the readers a little bit about yourself! Where Read More

What to expect from Adidas in the last 60 days of 2017

This year has been a blast for the brand with the three stripes and Adidas for sure enjoyed a lot of exposure this season. Yet there‘s still more to come and with Christmas coming up so are some of the hottest releases sneakerheads have been waiting for.

We‘ve also been blessed with Nike‘s „The Ten“ Pack last month, which included reworked versions of famous silhouettes like the Blazer Read More