Title picture of the post with all the people who have a SNKRFOCUS hoodie in the background and loving messages I got from fans all over the world in the foreground

End of 2017 – SNKRFOCUS SAYS “Thank You!”

Truth be told, this year has been amazing .Not only for the sneaker community but for me.

Together we’ve hit milestones that I couldn’t even dream of.

I’m excited and can’t wait to give you even more in 2018.

I’m beholden to share nothing but positivity across this community because it brought me so many great experiences and challenged me to grow.
As a person, in my work ethic and mentally.

I’m thankful for every experience I’ve made, every person I’ve met and every conversation I was allowed to join.

From people telling me how much they enjoy my brand, to meeting up with of my followers in Amsterdam over to big pages shouting out my content and established companies asking me to collaborate with them.

I’ve seen the worst and the best kinds of people and got a lot of insights on understanding how this world works and what makes it go round.

I want you to understand that this message comes from the bottom of my heart and that you’re more than welcome to get up and leave if you don’t share the same positive vibe.

This isn’t a game about numbers, likes, followers or “Who is the coolest”. No, it’s about looking across borders, connecting with people around the world, making friendships and telling stories.

We have it so good, we have it so damn good and I think we sometimes tend to forget about that.

Once you realize that, I want you to pursue something bigger than yourself.

This year has been amazing. What are you proud of? What did you do this year that made you really happy?

Thank you!


Thank You, Happy 2018!


SNKRFOCUS Timeline 2017


  • 4th January

– First Post

My first post was a Bape x Human Race NMD. At the start the account had a whole different name and the goal was to post Sneakers and High Heels at the same time.

Pic of a Bape x Human Race concept. My first post on Instagram


  • 12th of March

– Name Change

From that day on SNKRFOCUS was born and I started to post three times a day. Even though there were days left out on purpose, I posted three times every single day.


  • 20th of March

– The Grid

The layout was born. The Instagram grid is set up in three vertical lines, every sneaker post on the right is pointing to the left and every sneaker post on the left is pointing to the right. The middle space has more freedom but generally focused on featuring shots taken from the back, the front, for giveaways and videos.

An arrow on the left poiting to the right and vice versa , the black lines that are the same distance from the middle are running down and slowly fading into white, under all that there's text saying 2K Followers in a middle bold font


  • 28th of March


Nothing special but it was really cool to see how it is to grow on Instagram.


  • 1st of April

– Hoodies arrive

The first batch of SNKRFOCUS hoodies arrived. You can’t even imagine how I felt after I saw my brands name on a piece of clothing.

First batch of SNKRFOCUS Hoodies


  • 3rd of April

– First post to reach 200 likes and 20.000 weekly impression.

At this time engagement really went up. My picture got reposted and I started to focus more on Behind-The-Scenes stuff that you’ll probably get to see in the upcoming years.


  • 19th of April

– Starting the development of the website

At this point I thought about what more I could do to make sneakers even more interesting for everybody. For people that never knew terms more than Air Max, Yeezy and Jordans.


  • 30th of April

– Hoodie Giveaway.

As the feedback from the community was really good I decided to give away a hoodie to everyone that engaged with the post. Together we tagged more than 120 people on the post.

the actual giveaway picture. Inspired by Kanye Wests 'The Life of Pablo' album. Hoodie is in the middle with white stripes going away from it and a smiley face on top of it.


  • 1st of May

– Poster done by a romanian Illustrator and Designer

A romanian designer really warmed my heart when he made a SNKRFOCUS inspired illustration.


Poster that was designed exclusively for SNKRFOCUS by a romanian based Illustrator


  • 21st of June

– Website goes online

The Website goes online and the resonance was really good. The layout stayed pretty much the same.


  • 14th of August

– Viral video was posted

A video of a cream white Yeezy getting drenched in Wine that I reposted got over 600K views in less than four days and a few more followers than usual started pouring in.


  • 26th of August

– First feature on a blog

This was the best moment ever! My work got noticed and Oliver Berg the founder of Epsilon Magazine asked to collab with each other. Of course I said yes.



Picture with a screenshot of my Epsilon interview with the Epsilon logo in the left bottom corner


  • 8th of September

– The sneaker search engine Everysize released the Interview they did with me. Unfortunately to my american and english speaking followers it’s in german.


Screenshot of the Everysize Interview with their logo in the left bottom corner


  • 1st of October – 20th of November

– Just a lot of hard work and the usual stuff. Also got into Photography and took more shots of my own sneakers.

I tried out a lot of different things in that period, from different story animations over to original content I really focused on switching things up. Pushed out a lot of content, including the series ‘Started From The Bottom’.


  • 6th of December

– @Boostaddicted reposted my shot

After the german sneaker account reposted my picture I was really happy to see that it scored over 3000 likes. The moment this happened was really cool. I woke up in the morning and slept in because I was really tired and not feeling too good and then I checked my IG like every morning and was really amazed to see my picture on their feed and the ‘You have been tagged in boostaddcited’s post’ notification.

Shot of my three NMDs laying down on the side on my cow carpet. NMD C2 on top, NMD R2 in the middle and NMD R1 on the bottom


  • End of 2017

– An amazing year goes to end.

All the things above, even more reposts, loads of people tagging me and over 2400 uses of my hashtag made this year really special for my brand. I want to thank everyone that has joined me on this journey, Happy 2018!


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