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“The Ten” | A Story c/o Virgil Abloh

Born in Chicago, he is now the biggest inspiration for young aspiring Streetwear designers all across the globe.

Creativity flows through his veins, he graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering, recently created one of the most appreciated collabs on the sneaker market, is a DJ at night and created the label Off-White which defines the indescribable color between black and white and did so much more than that.

We‘re speaking about Virgil Abloh who with his label, which was founded in 2012, reinvented the way street fashion is perceived as a whole.

Virgil never started studying architecture to be an architect.

All his friends are designers and that was always the profession he wanted to take on himself, so why start studying a topic where the professor tells you that you probably will never be successful in the real world?

„The professor thought he was like supercool, like, running it like a bootcamp and the first thing is like: „Oh, welcome freshman“, you know, „only two percent of you are actually gonna be practicing architects.“ I was like „Nice one! I didn‘t come here to be an architect, I came here to learn how to design.“

Selfmade illustration of a modern building shot from the ground with the sky in the background with a grey overlay and the SNKRFOCUS logo in the left upper corner

This, again, shows that if you have a vision for yourself you don‘t need others opinions, you don‘t need to give a peep about whether people think that you‘re going to make it or not. Just do your thing.

That‘s basically what Virgil Abloh did after he graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

If all the things stated above weren‘t enough, let me add that he also was the Creative Director of Kanye Wests and Jay – Zs album ‚Watch the Throne‘ which includes famous tracks like ‚No Church In The Wild‘ and ‚Otis‘.

Fun Fact: The Maybach you see in the Otis video was auctioned and the profits went 100% to charity.

Success doesn’t happen overnight and before there was Off-White, Virgil tried doing his thing with a brand named ‘Pyrex’. Rumors say he simply bought Ralph Lauren flannel shirts that were exclusively sold at Rugbystores and upped the price to a  whopping 550$ after slapping ‘Pyrex 23’ on the back.

Pyrex didn’t blow up and was shut down after a while.

A brand named ‘Pyrex Original’ still exists and looks very similar to what were the first footsteps of Virgil Abloh in the fashion industry.

He still is involved in many works by Kanye West (click link to see a smiling Kanye, those are very rare!) and Off-White plays a major role in the sneaker industry nowadays.

Picture of the Maybach used in the music video for Otis by Jay-Z and Kayne West, you can see Kanye and Aziz Ansari sitting in the Maybach while Jay-Z is walking towards the camera

Empathy is the foundation to many successful projects created throughout history. The one that can put himself in the shoes of the person they want to reach and view the world from their perspective will always win.

Abloh thought about Millennials and how they perceive fashion and realized that for them it‘s all about style and not about fashion.

It wasn‘t easy transitioning a brand that originally started out producing hoodies and zipper jackets to something that will earn the respect of fashion elitists.

It took some time but nowadays Off-White is a regular player at Paris Fashion Shows and offers high end luxury clothing.

The year 2017 was packed with dope releases from a lot of different brands, including Pharrells Human Race NMDs, five different Yeezy drops and Ronnie Fiegs Ultra Boost Mid in triple black. But the biggest and the one that offered the most unique sneakers to date was „The Ten“ which was, you guessed it, designed by Virgil Abloh‘s label Off-White in cooperation with Nike.

From the ten icons reworked, nine sold out instantly the day they were released and one release is still awaited to take place earlier next year. We‘ve asked you to send us your shots ranging from the Air Max 90 to the Nike Hyperdunk and here you have Virgils „The Ten“.


Nike x Off-White Air Max 97

Retail: 190$
Resell: 480-600$

Shot of the Air Max 97, FEMYEAH is leaning down and holding up the laces, she's wearing white socks and you can also see she's wearing a white hoodie
Shot by @femyeah


Nike x Off-White Air VaporMax FK

Retail: 250$
Resell: 695-1000$

Shot of the VaporMax Off-White collab, pair is laying down on a pair of Supreme x Playboy Pants and hoodie
Shot by @raul_snkr


Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 Low

Retail: 170$
Resell: 400-750$

Shot of the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1, two people on the pic, both are wearing black sweatpants and the dude in front is wearing a pair of Air Force 1, dude in the back is wearing a pair of Acronym x Nike Air Force 1
Shot by @abitgabriel


Nike x Off-White Air Presto

Retail: 160$
Resell: 900-1050$

Feet dangling in the air, wearing great pants and a pair of Nike x Off-White Air Prestos
Shot by @themonniker


Nike x Off-White Hyperdunk

Retail: 200$
Resell: 380-450$

Urban shot of the Nike x Off-White Hyperdunk worn with red Off-White Sweatpants
Shot by @sixnine


Nike x Off-White Air Max 90

Retail: 160$
Resell: 520-960$

Shot by canada based photographer and sneaker influencer Sean Go, one shoe is laying down on the side while the other one is stacked on top and leaning on the wall
Shot by @sgo8


Nike x Off-White Zoom Fly

Retail: 170$
Resell: 400-470$

On-feet shot of the Zoom Fly from the Off-White pack worn in the gym
Shot by @thefoamcollector


Nike x Off-White Blazer Mid

Retail: 130$
Resell: 480-550$

Shot of the Nike x Off-White Blazer Mid with the guys wearing them holding a cutting knife to the plastic tag that is found on every pair of the "The Ten", Instagram caption says: Would you dare?
Shot by @tanitotoro


Nike x Off-White Air Jordan 1

Retail: 190$
Resell: 1050-1500$

Shot of the Nike x Off-White Air Jordan 1 'Chicago' with the guy causing a little controversy by mixing Adidas Sweatpants with a Nike Sneaker, absolutely frowned upon but the colors just work together too good
Shot by @goldguk


Nike x Off-White Converse Chuck Taylors

Release date: First quarter of 2018

No official infos on price and release date have been released for the Nike x Off-White Converse Chuck Taylor (if you’re wondering why there is Converse included in the pack I’ll have you know that the oregon based sportswear manufacturer bought the company in 2003) yet.

Sample life right here, shot of the Nike x Off White Converse Chuck Taylor
Shot by @sizetenplease

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