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Sneaker Science | Puma Jamming

For those of you who are interested in more than the “Hype” we’ve created a series called Sneaker Science where we take a look under the surface and give you insights into new and old technologies used in sneakers and shoes.

From how the idea was born to the process of creation over to the final product and how it’s implemented, this series covers everything regarding sneaker technology! 

This is Episode 4.


This year truly was filled with surprises, a lot of L’s and some of the dopest releases the sneaker world has seen. Just to state a few we had “The Ten” by Virgil Abloh, the trail NMD from the Human Race pack with Pharrell Williams and Nike collaborating with american designer KAWS on a rework of the Air Jordan 4. All eyes were on brands like Yeezy, Nike and Adidas but at the same time, smaller or less known brands also provided us with some gems that mostly went unnoticed due to less awareness from the community.

That, of course, doesn’t mean that the design departments and creative heads of brands like Puma, Diadora or Asics are less valuable or deserve less credit for what they doIt only means that they’re unique in their own kind of way and how this is perceived really depends on the individual that looks at them.

Maybe one or two companies should also spend more money on marketing if they want to succeed in this fast paced world and with the rise of a attention and media shift NOW is the perfect time.

Nikes Air has been around for more than 30 years now, Boost technology was first introduced to the market in the form of the Adidas Energy Boost in 2013 and Asics has been a strong believer in their GEL since 1990.


1990 ad of Asics taking a stab at Nike's Air Technology

Since the marketing of above mentioned brands and companies is so loud, innovative design by other companies often go unheard or are not really noticed by the community. Same goes for the Puma Jamming that was released last month without the world giving a peep. Their Instagram video was really cool though and it is slowly but surely gaining recognition and acceptance from sneakerheads.

I can’t speak for regular, non-sneaker-fanatic people but we all know that most of the times the opinion of normies has no value to a true blood sneakerhead.


The Puma Jamming features a sock-like evoKNIT upper that provides form fitting comfort and stability, it is stretchy but not too stretchy. One thing that really stands out besides the highlight of the shoe, is the lacing system. No more laces flapping around and on your upper, but only if you choose to.

Now let’s get to the thing you all came here for. Some describe it like a mix of boost and air while others say it can’t be compared to anything else because it’s just too unique. A transparent sole showcases a mix of peebles named NRGY beads. They come in their, so says Puma, their most natural form and in three different colors including military or olive like green, really dark brown and white for the first color way called “Forrest Night”.


Shot of the Pumma Jamming, really dope, person's holding the sneaker in one hand and puts it away from the body so that it covers most of the body and is holding a smoke torch in the other hand than is blowing green smoke into the background

Shot by @samuel.bowler


The upper features a forrest like color pallete including darker shades of green and black with some hints of white on the details like the pull tab or branding. As you take a step and your weight pushes down on the sole the beads form a bead around your heel and forefoot providing shock absorption and comfort of it’s own kind.

There are three new colorways set to release in early 2018 and the current release is priced at 170$ and you can get them here, here, here or directly on Puma EU!

Let me know what you think of this pair via Instagram or tell me about your experience with it if you already got your hands on it, would love to hear from you.


Another shot of the Puma Jamming, this time on feet which are dangling in the air with some glassy buildings in the back

Shot by @npwls_

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