Title picture of Episode 2 of SNKRHEAD Essentials with a grey backdrop, a supreme camo jacket and Tshirt with Kate Moss on it and the plain black Supreme Tee with the black box logo


It’s the thing we’re all dreaming of. Nowadays most of us take big fat L’s from every direction when it comes to “Grail Shopping”.

We badly want that Supreme Box Logo shirt but the dude offering is out his mind trying to fence us for ten times the value of retail.

This is the second episode of SNKRHEAD ESSENTIALS and today we’ve invited a Hypebeast, Grail Hunter and awesome dude named @goldguk who will give you insights on how to get your favorites.

But first of all what is a ‘grail’? Speaking in items grails are the Supreme x Luis Vuitton Box Logo T-Shirt, Nike Air Force 1 SF Triple White’s, Junya Watanabe MAN x The North Face Jackets and so on…but grails can also be really personal!

Explanation of "Grail", noun, a thing that earnestly sought after as second term and the first explanation slightly lighter, kind of faded

Those items are not necessarily the most luxurious items but their real value is created when it comes to resale. All those brands are smart as a whip when it comes to advertising and creating a hype around their products. Who would’ve thought that a skateboarding brand like Supreme(nowadays, saying Supreme is a skateboarding brand is like calling Chuck Taylors basketball shoes) would ever collab with Luis Vuitton?! Yeah, Mr. Malletier neither.

A regular 40$ T-Shirt will gain 1000% value in seconds once it wanders from the shelve into the hands of resellers, those are things you usually see in the stock market, especially when it comes to extreme volatile stocks like bitcoin or penny stocks.  Is it as risky though? Not even close. The certainty that such an item is sold with is scary and astonishing at the same time.

The most sought after brands at the moment are Supreme, North Face and various collabs with and without those brands including Off-White, Palace, Yeezy, Gosha, Stussy, Prada and Fear of God.

Collabs are worth the most and once they’re off the shelves all you can do is either online window shopping or spend ungodly amounts trying to buy the stuff and of course there’s always the chance that you might get ripped off but let’s hope that’s not the case.

Shot of Goldguks from behind, he's wearing a black Supreme Jacket with some arabic letters which I asked what they stand for but I forgot haha sry, it looks cool though

So pay attention to what you buy and who you buy from, I see complaints in various Facebook groups every damn day. Do your research and always do a legit check when it comes to buying high priced and really valuable items.

My belief is that everyone deserves at least one item that they can call their grail, so I took some time to look through the awesome people in my followers list and remembered that I’ve seen a pretty dope profile not too long ago from a guy born in Singapore. He is posting some of the dopest shots and the amount of grails in his and his friends repertoire is sheer amazing.

What follows is a little Q&A where we talk about bots give you insights into how to cop your dream offer you some tips and tricks on how to finally make it happen:

What’s up bro! Please introduce yourself, tell the people who you are and what you do so that they can form a little picture in their head!

Hi everyone, I’m @goldguk and I do Streetwear photography on Instagram. Goldguk is a name that I created when I was in high school. I have used this name as my username on video games till now. I come from Hong Kong and am currently studying my degree in the UK.

Awesome, when did you join Instagram and how is it going so far?

I’ve joined Instagram in 2012. My first intent wasn’t to share any Streetwear fashion pics at first. I only shared my daily life to my friends and kept my Instagram profile private.

Last year in 2016, I started my degree in the UK and found photography to be a lot of fun. Then, I started to shoot everything. I was interested to do cityscape shots at first but it was too hard to shoot in my area as I’m studying in a rural city called Norwich and there isn’t a lot more to take pictures of than trees and houses.

Goldguk holding up a Nike Air Force 1 and an Air Jordan 1 from the Off-White collab, the AF 1 in his left hand and the AJ 1 in his right hand

So I tried to find another theme to shoot and felt like sneakers would be a good topic to dip my toe into. Also, because I was getting interested in sneakers at that moment, I followed different sneaker pages on Instagram. I felt like those shots I saw we’re sick and I wanted to do the same.

That’s how my sneaker photography life began.

As I said I did Streetwear photography at the beginning, it is what I do now to keep my content fresh and up-to-date. The Instagram game is changing everyday which is also good for me to improve my photography skills as I have to shoot different kind of objects and think outside of the box.

Are you on your way to the top or are you doing it just for fun?

I’m not sure to be honest. Of course, in the beginning I did it for fun. When you get some features on Instagram, you will feel proud of yourself and you will keep it up. At this moment, I would say I’m improving my skills to make it professional.

Another backshot of Goldguk this time he's wearing the famous Palace hoodie with the triangle on the back of it that says Palace three times, one time on each side

Sometimes I invest in my camera equipment and Streetwear in order to keep my profile looking dope. But I still want to keep my profile unique and not just be a ‘Hypebeast’.

That’s a great way to put it. OK, hands down, tell the truth: How many pairs of sneakers do YOU own and which one is your absolute favorite?

I own a lot of Adidas sneakers, like around 30 pairs (probably not as many as compared to other big Sneakerheads) and a few pairs of Nike ,like the latest collaboration from Nike and Off-White from which I own the Air Jordan 1 & Prestos.

The Sneakers’n’Stuff Ultra Boost 1.0 is my favorite sneaker in my collection because it makes me remember my first time trying to cop a limited sneaker online, I feel like that’s a tragedy in general. The SNS website is being completely ruined by bots. Site crashes, cartjacks, everything you know has happened on the website.

And I really remember that I carted a pair of UK8 (my size). I took an L at the end though. Besides, I really love the color of that collab and also I am a huge Adidas fan.

Goldguks collection of sneakers with boost including Ultra Boosts, various Yeezys V1 and V2, the Ultra Boost & Ronnie Fieg Collab and a supreme money gun on top of the "boost heap"

How many of your pairs would you consider grails?

Hmm…that’s a good question! I would say 3-4 pairs. Actually I don’t think I own a lot of very limited or long history shoes in my collection. At least I don’t have any Friends&Family or Sample unreleased shoes. SNS 1.0 UB, Cream UB, Human Race NMD’s in black and the Off-White AJ 1’s are my grails I’d say!

Ok, now the question we’ve all been waiting for: How do we get our hands on grails? What is your strategy? Give us all we need to know, Links, Bots, Tips, Tricks, Plugs etc.

To be honest, if you want to get a shoe which released a long time ago, you have to pay resale price and most of the time that’s A LOT!

Like, for the Human Race NMD, whichs price skyrocketed a lot after a year. I’m glad that I copped all my grails at a decent resale price. However, for the recent releases, I actually just cop them online manually. It is a bit hard to use a workable bot to cop sneakers. All of the sites will update everyday to avoid bots. They also do raffles to avoid bots which decreases the chances to secure a pair online.

I prefer to buy sneakers manually rather than to use bots. For you guys reading I would recommend to always follow different sneaker mediums to get the latest information on releases.

Sometimes I just camp in front of my computer before they drop and get lucky. Even though I am not encouraging people to use bot because you need to take risks for that, I used bot for Supreme sales in the past. Actually I think that the Supreme online store is flooded with bots.

You can’t cop those hype items without a bot and that’s why bots sometimes, even though it hurts to say it, need to be considered. If you use one, I want to remind you that you shouldn’t put all your hope in it and that you should be thankful if you copped successfully.

When it comes to bots, can you explain a little more. How do they work and what is your favorite one? Should everyone use one and is it necessary?

So bots basically help you to find your desired size of the item and Autofill your details to checkout.

I’m using a bot for Supreme to checkout automatically. To be fair, that bot has helped me cop some good stuff and it was totally worth it.

It also brought me a lot of L’s though, such as my credit card being declined, getting my IP banned and duplicated orders. I think when there are 4 drops in a month, I might only take 2 Ws at maximum because bots do not work THAT well.

Shot of goldguks feet dangling in front of a brick wall, he's wearing the Adidas Ultra Boost from the SNS and Social Status collab, and pretty dope pants that are pulled a little so you can see his ankles

I don’t recommend to anyone getting a bot because you know, we all know the mechanism behind using bots to resell and in my opinion it’s destroying the brand and first and foremost the community.

At the end of the day everyone desevers a grail and if it wasn’t for resellers that blindly buy 80 pairs of Creams without even being associated to Streetwear or anything around sneakers we would all be able to get something we really want for retail. I fell like nowaday it’s all about profit.

You may ask why I use a bot then and my answer would be that I at least googled, did some research and tested all those bots before I used them.

I mainly use bot to buy the stuffs that I like but not to resell. It really depends on the reason why you use a bot and how much research went into finding your favorite bot.

How much money do you spend a month on sneakers and fashion?

In November, I approximately spent around 1-2k GBP on all my clothing and sneakers but that of course differs from month to month. There were a lot of anticipated drops this November and I copped a lot for myself. The Off-White Presto already cost me around 600 GBP but I don’t regret buying it at all though. I also invested in some clothing like the Supreme Arabic hoodie. I bought 3 hoodies and would like to stock them for resale.

For those hoodies I paid around 700 GBP which is more expensive than a single shoe. I don’t always note down how much money I spend as I always buy and sell so its a game of up and down and I don’t always keep an eye on it.

Goldguk taking a selfie in the yellow and grey supreme camo jacket holding two supreme stickers in front of his face

Any tips for social media anyone starting out would appreciate?

That really depends on what kind of fashion or style you engage in on social media.

I mean, like, if you are mainly wearing high end fashion clothes, it will be a hell of a lot easier to get features, likes and comments because people on Instagram are watching how much is your outfit worth rather than how good is your outfit, like, is it composed or looking good? And that’s the thing I hate on Instagram at this moment.

You can see many rich kids, rich teenagers wearing an outfit which may be worth a few thousand dollars and they just took a picture without giving a second thought to it and spam it with an ungodly amount of hashtags and without any composition in the picture. I don’t feel hate towards them but I feel like they should put more effort into a picture.

If you really want to share your outfit, collection, don’t just think about likes and features.

It would be impressive if you create a content with your own creative mind. Also, don’t just be a ‘Hypebeast’ on Instagram, being a Hypebeast makes you become “famous” in most cases but it makes you forget your OG intention of doing fashion photography.

I’d agree a lot on your points stated here. I have no concern about the “Hypebeasts” to be honest, because they’re all the same and the people have no other reason following them than the stuff they have which everyone can buy. It takes skill to stand out though, and if you have something unique that nobody can copy you have a reason why people follow you that is far more valuable than anything they provide.

Thank you very much bro, it was a lot of fun getting to know you better and hope you continue on what you’re doing!

As you can see, the world of sneakers and fashion consists of so much more than you can realize. There’s so many estuaries feeding the community around it and it is safe to say that it’s one of the greatest communities there is!

I hope we could help you get some insights into the fashion industry from a consumer standpoint and wish you the best of luck the next time you try to get that Supreme Hoodie!

Check out Episode 1 | The best 5 apps for Sneakerheads of SNKRHEAD Essentials as well if you’d like to know on how to get started out on Instagram if this got you interested!

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